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About Dr. Latterman

Dr. Caroline Latterman is Ivy-League educated and has a PhD in Linguistics and a Masters in Intercultural Communication.  She brings a wealth of experience to the table.  She is a great problem-solver and she has acutely trained eyes and ears, allowing her to address both macro- and micro-level communication issues for individuals, couples, and families.

Dr. Latterman founded Latterman Communication when she noticed the lack of therapists truly trained in the art and science of communication.  Certainly most good therapists have taken courses that address the topic of communication in general, yet these classes do not come close to reaching the level of detail, breadth, and depth that Dr. Latterman studied throughout her career in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication.  Traditional therapists are skilled, however there are very few practitioners who are able to address communication in the way that Dr. Latterman does.

Latterman Communication: Hear and Be Heard