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Is Dr. Latterman Right For Me?

Latterman Communications is right for many people, but not for everyone, and Dr. Latterman will speak with you about your challenge before you and she commit to working together.  This ensures that she is the right communication therapist for you, and assures that you would not be better served by another type of therapy.

Latterman Communications focuses on what Dr. Caroline Latterman believes is at the root of most problems—communication.  This may be the communication you have with yourself–your inner language and dialogue, or the communication you have with others.  Whether you are frustrated with your spouse, parents, adult children, in-laws, etc,. Dr. Latterman will work with you on creating clearer lines of communication to relieve your frustration and solve your problems.

Dr. Latterman is honest and clear with her clients about what she thinks the issues and root causes are of the situation that brought you to therapy, and any other issues that arise during the sessions.  She is compassionate and kind while discussing your communication problems, style and behavior.

Latterman Communications may be right for you if you would like to examine your thinking and the language that runs through your mind to discover areas in which your thinking may hold you back, or if you believe that you may have communication issues or communication problems with your spouse, your parents, your adult children, or your in-laws.  It may be right for you if you like professionals who listen well, who are clear, and who ask compelling questions.

On the other hand, Dr. Latterman s is not right for you if you are in need of a therapist to help with medication management or similar situations.  Similarly, she is not right for you if you are not interested in potentially having to change the way that you are communicating with whomever is involved in your current challenge.

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If you think that Dr. Latterman may be able to help you with your current challenge please email or call to schedule a complimentary consultation.  You may send an email to, call 212.804.7668, or fill out the Contact Form.  Go ahead and get started now!  The sooner you seek help the sooner your challenge will be something of the past.

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