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Couples and Marriage Therapy

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Dr. Latterman works with couples who are married, engaged, and dating.  She will help you sort through your problems and frustrations and help your relationship gain stability and a good foundation on which to grow.  Areas of focus can include:

  • Learning how to communicate more clearly
  • Solving problems without there being a ‘winner’ and a ‘loser’
  • Dealing with frustration
  • Resolving issues that keep resurfacing
  • Plus many, many more

Whether you have been together for 10 months or 10 years, Dr. Latterman can help pave the way for a smoother and happier future.

Are you and your spouse feeling frustrated or angry with each other?

Do the same issues keep arising, or do you have a list of problems that is keeping you from being your very happiest?

Don’t settle for things just being “okay,” and don’t settle for spats and bickering that happen over and over again. You and your spouse deserve to be truly happy and feel like you’re on the same amazing team. Solve the root of your problems and keep new problems from emerging. Dr. Latterman finds that the root of most issues or problems is not the problem itself, but a more deeply rooted communication issue. Many couples talk to each other and many even listen, but hearing and listening are two different things and it is very possible that although you are listening to each other, you are not truly hearing what the other is saying.

Dr. Latterman will teach you how to Hear and Be Heard.

Dr. Latterman will sit down with you as couple and she will listen and watch how you interact with each other. Instead of only focusing only on the individual problems that you are having, and trying to solve problem by problem like in traditional marriage therapy, she will also focus on how you are communicating when discussing these problems.  Dr. Latterman often finds that both partners truly want the same thing, yet that the way that they are communicating masks their good intentions.  Together we will work on solving the problems at hand, and along the way Dr. Latterman will teach you effective problem-solving strategies, as well as how to communicate more effectively, and this will help keep new problems from forming.

Why choose Dr. Latterman instead of a traditional marriage therapist or traditional marriage therapy?

The answer is very simple: Dr. Latterman is a trained Linguist.

She does not only focus on individual problems or behaviors. Instead, she also focuses on communication, which is at the same time both more macro and more micro than a traditional marriage therapist’s approach. It is more macro in that communication underlies all of your interactions, so it is much larger than your problems or behaviors themselves, and it is similarly more micro in that it encompasses tiny units of communication, such as sighing, micro body movements, etc., that may seem small, but in reality have a significant effect on communication and the message that you send.  Dr. Latterman will help you solve your problems as well as enable clearer communication.  You will leave with increased communication skills in addition to your solved problems, plus very effective strategies to help problems from arising in the future.

Don’t wait to get your relationship back on track! You have made a commitment to your relationship and you owe it to yourself and your partner to learn the underlying reasons for the problems that are causing you to be frustrated or angry. New York City is certainly chock-full with marriage therapists. However, most of them have the same training as each other and operate under the same assumptions. Because Dr. Latterman has a doctorate in Linguistics, she is able to provide you with a specialized service that other marriage therapists are not able to provide.

Free Consultations!

If you think that Dr. Latterman’s approach might be right for you, please call or email today to set up your completely free consultation! Her number is 212.804.7668, and her email address is Sessions are offered throughout the day and even in the evenings if you need to come after work. Dr. Latterman’s office is located very centrally, just three blocks from Grand Central.

Go ahead—get started today! You will be so glad that you did.

 Latterman Communication: Hear and Be Heard