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Parents and In-Laws Therapy

Do you wish that your relationship with your parents, your adult children, or your in-laws were easier?  We often desire to have an easy, close relationship with adult children, parents, or in-laws, but the reality is that these relationships are often strained or otherwise damaged.

Dr. Latterman finds that it is often the case that when family members would like to have a closer relationship but there are problems or issues standing in the way, communication is the culprit.  The parents and children may even be telling the other what they want, but due to differing communication styles or methods of expressing themselves the other is not heard and understood, thus leading to frustration and often anger.

Why not solve your current problems with your family, create peace, and learn techniques for helping keep similar problems from occurring in the future?  Dr. Latterman will meet with all involved parties to assess the communication dynamic and see where miscommunication is occurring.  She will then give each member of the family the opportunity to discuss his or her point of view, and throughout the session Dr. Latterman will ensure that the messages that are sent are the same messages that are received.  This is a crucial point.  It is often the case that Person A will say one thing and Person B will hear something completely different.  Dr. Latterman will pay close attention to what is said and how it is said, and she will confirm with the speakers and listeners that the same message and intent is sent and received.  This will relieve tension, frustration, and give you skills for moving forward.

If you would like a more peaceful, easier relationship with you parents, in-laws, or adult children, please contact Dr. Latterman today.  You may email , call 212.804.7668, or send a message through the Contact Form.  Dr. Latterman would love to help your family mend hurt relationships and give you a new way of communicating in order to move forward.

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